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Bring Back Our Treasures!

Bring Back Our Treasures!

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A group of teenagers have created their own Pan-African community. For quite some time, they have been doing their best to collect artifacts stolen by colonialists, and return them to their rightful owners and locations. They haven’t had much luck. They have done a lot of research and collected a lot of information. They have done their best to convince politicians and museum directors and private owners to return what is rightfully theirs – what rightfully belongs to their countryfolk. To no avail.


After endless trials and tribulations, they decide to take matters into their own hands, setting out for Europe. They intend to find, take, and return the stolen treasures to Africa. Their homelands. There are six players from across the African continent. In order to win. But are they competing against each other? Or do they actually work together to bring back all treasures?  


support the work along the way! 

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